Here is the list of news articles captured in newspapers but also published on the internet.ย 

2023 Newspaper and Online Stories

Mozambique hails SV Irrigation Project
Ateteza nsomba ya mtundu wa kambuku
SV irrigation project ready 2024
What a man can do I can do
Nsanje DC nods to resettlement plan
Transforming Shire Valley bit by bit
Irrigation project’s benefits override challenge of extra costs
Locals trained in bamboo planting and management 
Pictorial: Making agriculture commercialization a reality
I am blind but not dead
Apempha mafumu kuvomeleza anthu kulembetsa malo
OPC applauds STVP management team for commendable progress of the largest irrigation project in Southern Africa
MDAs tipped on Shire Valley irrigation project
Shire Valley Transformation project excites minister
Over 24,000 cooperatives members trained on commercial farming by Shire Valley Transformation Programme
Shire irrigation project delay bothers officials
Minister of Agriculture Impressed With SVTP Progress
Shire Valley Transformation Programme to establish 10,000 hectares of forest
People hail land registration
Parliamentary Committee on Budget and Finance to Lobby for $20 Million for Shire Valley Transformation Programme
Some processes had to be undertaken with caution
Adandaulira kuti asamalire mitengo ya tsanya
Alonjeza kubwezeletsa mitengo yosaposela 200 ku Muona
Chikwawa embraces physical development plan
Committee hails Shire Valley Transformation Project
Parliamentary committee on Budget impressed with SVTP progress
Shire Valley Transformation Program Faces 91 Million USD Deficit
SVTP Phase II faces $91 million deficit
Police officers asked to protect wildlife
Ministry for intensified irrigation farming
Govt touts Shire Valley Transformation Programme

2022 Newspaper and Online Stories

Amayi nawo azipindula ndi malo paulimi
Amended land laws to address land issues
Ministry engages editors on amended land laws
46,000 CK farmers register customary land
Deputy Minister Tours Shire Valley Transformation Programmeโ€ฆImpressed with Customary Land Registration Exercise
Government to borrow $17m for Kapichira plant
Awapempha asamalire nkhalango ya Nyamadzere
Veteran journalist urges Shire Valley journalists to embrace team spirit
Pictorial: A journey towards agriculture commercialization
Chakwera inspects Shire Valley Transformation Programme
Chakwera vows to transform Malawi
Chakwera impressed with progress of Shire Valley Transformation Programme
Nduna yiyamikila wogwira ntchito ku nkhalango ya Majete
Shire Valley Transformation Programme’s fascinating history
Diesel shortage threatens mega irrigation project
Pictorial: Checking progress on mega project-Joint visit by Minister of Tourism and Deputy Minister of Transport
Tourism Minister optimistic Shire Valley Transformation Programme will boost tourism
SVTP ilimbikitsa ulimi wa njuchi ku Nsanje
Chakwera hopeful on food security, power supply
Ateteza nkhalango ya Matandwe
Pictorial: Centre spread on progress August 2022
Shire Valley farmers gear up for commercial farming
Community hails project to protect forest reserve
EGENCO, Shire Valley Transformation Programme working together to restore power lost at Kapichira Hydro Station
Shire Valley irrigation project faces K10bn deficit
K10.2 billion extra to reconstruct Shire Valley Transformation Programme
$10 million needed for Shire Valley transformation
$10 million needed for SVTP
World Bank approves $134m for SVTP
World Bank approves MK134bn for Malawi’s Shire Valley Transformation Programme
World Bank Approves $134 Million for Shire Valley Transformation Programme
Construction of Shire Valley irrigation canalโ€™s intake needs to be redesigned after been compromised by Cyclone Ana – Malawi Nyasa Times
SVTP to delay-experts
Cyclone Ana affects $223m SVTP in Chikwawa
Ministry of Agriculture assures of speedy continuation of construction works of Shire Valley Transformation Project after floods damages some construction structures – Maravi Express – Your Kind of News. Clear and accurate.

2021 Newspaper and Online Stories

Mlusu says irrigation project a game changer
Finance Minister Mlusu visits construction site of Shire Valley Transformation Project as part 2 of phase 1 is ready to roll out
Financiers World Bank, ADB satisfied with progress of Shire Valley Transformation Programme; At 55% against planned 65% 
Agriculture project harnesses conservation of exploited tuber
Ayendera pulojekiti yaikulu ya mthirira
Optimism grows on Shire Valley Transformation Programme
Ministry touts Shire Valley irrigation project
Pictorial: Promoting commercial agriculture in the Shire Valley
Communities trained in ABS in Nsanje
EAD trains Nsanje communities in Access Benefit Sharing
MEPA orients MPs on access benefit sharing
SVTP site temporarily closed due to Covid
Malawi Agriculture Minister Lowe calls for Shire Valley Scheme’ early utilisation
Touring Shire development
Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture visits SVTP in Chikwawa
Agriculture minister impressed with SVTP
Government compensates people in the Shire Valley
Shire Valley Transformation Programme hosted partners from the World Bank
Alimi 223000 adzapindula ndi mthirira
Civil works could escalate GBV in project sites
SVTP advert on website
Pictorial: World Water Day Supplement
Unlocking Shire Valleyโ€™s economic opportunities
Combating GBV down the Shire Valley
Fish farming saves people from crocodile threat
Advert on 4-part tv documentary series
Covid-19 slows Shire Valley irrigation project
Preserving cultural heritage

2020 Newspaper and Online Stories

Project carrying Malawi’s hopes
Ayamikila pulojekiti ya ulimi wothirira
Chilima says Shire Valley Transformation Program in line with Malawi 2063 agenda
Investment in irrigation long overdue
Minister touts irrigation project
Lowe challenges Shire Valley Irrigation project implementers on performance
Theft of Materials Worries Contractor
Irrigation farming project to benefit land owners
Chikwawa Urban Structure Plan seeks to transform district into modern town
Contractor worried over theft of construction material
Local councils urged to embrace land reforms
Chikwawa gets development plan
Ministry hopeful on Shire Valley project
Malawi’s local councils challenged on embracing land reforms
Business Unusual: Unlocking Malawi’s agriculture commercialization potential
CCJP Set to Revamp CK District Hospital One Stop Centre 
Minister says reforms to solve nature conservation hitches
Usi Calls for Dialogue to End Encroachment
Pictorial: Transforming smallholder agriculture into commercial in the Shire Valley
Villagers smile all the way to the bank
Chiefs, Youth ask for Completion of Projects
CCJP sinks in on Shire Valley Transformation Programme to curb gender based violence
Shire Valley project slows
Shire Valley Transformation project takes shape as Minister sets canal compensation deadine
Shire Valley project takes shape
Shire Valley Transformation Program Beneficiaries Asked to Spend Wisely
K167bn irrigation project attracts mixed reactions
African Development Bank Reaffirms Its Commitment To Malawi
APM launches K167bn irrigation project
Bravo for launching irrigation initiative
APM touts Shire Valley Transformation Programme
Govt cautioned on Shire Valley Transformation Programme
Nankhumwa lauds SVTP as catalyst for rapid economic transformation in Malawi
Mutharika launches K175bn Shire Valley Transformation: โ€œRural areas to be centres of development in Malawiโ€ 
Mutharika launches K175bn Shire Valley Transformation: โ€œRural areas to be centres of development in Malawiโ€ 
600,00 people to benefit from Shire Valley Transformation programme

2019 Newspaper and Online Stories

SVTP-1 Disclosure Notice-Nation
SVTP-1 Disclosure Notice-Times