World Bank, AfDB lauds SVTP progress

“The progress I have seen on site has brought so much hope that the Shire Valley will be transformed. This is a step in the right direction. I would like to reiterate our commitment towards completion of this life changing investment,” said Nathan Belete, World Bank Country Director for Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Belete was speaking after touring construction works at Kapichira Dam and an interaction with farmers at Phata Cooperative which will be an offtaker of the SVTP.

Dr Wael Soliman, African Development Bank Water Engineer who is also Team Manager for the SVTP expressed optimism that once the scheme is operational, people’s livelihoods will be changed for the better.

“It gives me joy that the project which was conceptualized in the 1940s is now under construction and progressing well. It is pleasing to note that our involvement in feasibility studies over the years is bearing fruits. We commit to supporting the country achieving this worthwhile goal,” he said.

The Programme is hosting a joint World Bank and African Development Bank missions aimed at supervising progress made in the construction of the Shire Valley irrigation scheme and other aspects of the Programme including land tenure security, agriculture development and commercialization, natural resources management, and safeguards among others.