Component 2 – Land Tenure and Consolidation (US$15 million IDA equivalent)

  • All farmed agricultural land under customary tenure within the Program area will be formally registered using a gender sensitive approach, e.g. ensuring joint titling and training that include issues that are of concern to women.
  • District land registries will keep the record of all registered land parcels and shares in consolidated customary estate, and register follow up transactions or updates.
  • Contribution of a parcel to the consolidated customary estate will not involve a legal transfer of property rights.
  • SVTP-2 will support strengthening and capacity building of land administration and land use planning institutions within the Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts.
  • SVTP-2 will complete any outstanding land use planning, support monitoring and updating land use management in response to the changes resulting from the operationalization of the irrigation scheme.