Component 4 – Strengthening Landscape and Natural Resources Management (US$20 million IDA equivalent)   

  • SVTP-1 is assisting in the enhancement of management of protected areas, forest reserves, and the Elephant Marsh.  SVTP-2 will build on this by encouraging long-term funding for the management of the Lower Shire’s natural resource base, ensuring the sustainability of community livelihoods and the ecosystem services on which they rely. The planned project activities will strengthen the management and sustainability of key protected areas (Lengwe, Mwabvi), the Elephant Marsh, and forest reserves (Matandwe, Thambani). 
  • SVTP-2 will provide support to the GoM’s 2016 commitment to place 4.5 million hectares of degraded and deforested land under restoration by 2030 in support of the Bonn Challenge.