Theย SVTP conducted 49 village outreach campaigns focusing on land consolidation and the formation of Smallholder Owned Commercial Farming Enterprises (SOCFEs).ย  These campaigns were aimed at raising awareness to land owners on the importance of land consolidation, commercial farming, types of business entities farmers can register and types of farming models to make an informed decision. 11,162 landowners comprising 4,566 men and 6,596 women attended the meetings.

Representatives from Phata Cooperative were invited to share their experience in land consolidation and commercial farming.ย  The representatives shared how they consolidated land for commercial farming and how they addressed challenges from the process, farm management, marketing, sharing of dividends etc.

Following the campaigns, all land owners expressed interest to consolidate their land and engage into commercial farming.

Commenting on the campaigns, the SVTP Agriculture Commercialization and Development Specialist Mr. Adrian Masebo expressed satisfaction with the feedback from the farmers on the anticipated land consolidation and commercial farming.