SVTP, PPPC engage off-takers in Chikwawa

Sululu (in maroon shirt): We have so many expectations

“We have so many expectations from this new irrigation scheme. The transition from electricity pumping to gravity-fed irrigation will save millions we incur each month. We will be able to reduce our operating costs as a cooperative,” said Joseph Sululu of Katunga- Maseya Cooperative in Chikwawa.  

Sululu was speaking in Chikwawa during one of the meetings jointly organized by the SVTP and the Public-Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) with existing off-takers, Phata, Kasinthula and Katunga-Maseya (KAMA) Cooperatives. These meetings focused on water purchase agreements and the role of the Operation, Maintenance and Management (OMM) Operator of the scheme.   A site visit was also organized for the off-takers.

“It is critical that we start planning on the water utilization processes. As a cooperative, we face two main challenges with water utilization: erratic electricity supply and huge costs each month. Our crops need water at all times,” added Reckson Fellow from Phata Cooperative.  

The off-takers will sign water purchase agreements with the Operator to utilize water from the scheme. Proceeds from water utilization will go towards the maintenance of the scheme. PPPC is procuring the OMM Operator to manage the 133km-long irrigation infrastructure on behalf of the Government of Malawi. 

The design for the irrigation system for the existing off-takers has been completed. The pipeline will cover a distance of 8.8kms to supply water to these existing off-takers.  

Meeting with offtakers at Kasinthula Cooperative
Meeting with offtakers at KAMA